Poem – Do not give up O human kind

In Primordial Time:

The Story goes like this..

We were together in Primordial times

We knew each other as one humanity

We prostrated together in front of One God

Our faces shining like mirrors with God’s image in them

We proclaimed together Him as our God

Then one day….

He chose Adam and Eve among us to go forth on the earth first

Here the versions may vary that it was a curse or God’s decree

But one after another we were sent from our God’s presence

To different parts of this earth in multitudes

With different colored skins, languages and attitudes

For us He showered millions of blessings on us

We forgot each other and got involved with ourselves,

Our children, our homes, our gardens of fruits and flowers

Our possessions, our dreams and everything our “own” and “own” and “own”

Lost connection with each other due to increased distance in land and

But here is the good news!

We are together in contemporary global world again!

Your smile brings joy in my heart; your tears tear my heart

I can see you and you can see me in the cyber space

We are connected again now though we were always connected from the roots.

In Primordial Time:

Even the most submissive Angels raised voice against God’s decision

When He proclaimed that Adam, His beautiful new creation

Will be sent to the earth as His representative, a vicegerent!

Seeing angels ‘anxiety He said “I know that which you know not”

I have blessed Adam with wisdom and insight,

Knowledge, responsibility and Divine light…

Now bow down in front of My vicegerent

As I know that which you know not…

Contemporary time:

Though Adam and his progeny is blessed with wisdom and valor,

And they have used their blessings and gained more

But it seems they have also proved the doubt of Angels as truth

By killing each other and creating havoc on this earth

The Divine light within is dimmed under the heavy shadows of “Self”

Some of us seeing the blood around and chaotic conditions endless

Cry and complain to God like the confused angels once did

Why did he create this devil along with human kind

He still smiles and says “I know that which you know not”

When the hidden light will shine through accumulated evil layers

You will see the beauty of human form, heart, mind and soul

Do not give up O human kind!

Find your way to peace, love and eternal joy through patience and prayers…