Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire in Oakland

I am reminded of my mother’s words today as I am reading again the details and reactions on Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire about ten days back. It is hurting true. But my mother said, when my young brother and her youngest son died in motor bike accident instantly and the whole family was in tears, uncontrollable sobs and shock,
“God has taken him in His peaceful abode because he could not have been able to suffer more pain of this life so don’t cry and just pray with me.” And she continued reading her holy book Geeta until preparations were being made for pyre and the last rites.
She had amazing strength and I draw from her strength and want to add these lines today to console all of us.
Don’t think the thirty six young creative people are dead
And their souls are searching
Roaming around in pain….
Don’t think the sudden and instant death killed all their dreams
As you will live their dreams now
Don’t think they cried and suffered as fire arose
They were shocked may be but released of all fears and pain instantly
Sudden death is sometimes blessing in disguise for the dead
And teaches a lesson to all living ones…
Take heed from such incidents take care of your precious gift this life
Adorn it with love, forgiveness acceptance and compassion for each other.
As we have none in the end
In disasters or pain
Except each other….