A Big Shuffling

The world is going through a shuffling
A big shuffling!
Trying to separate legal and illegal citizens
Some are picked up
Deported as banned citizens
Others become homeless
Due to natural calamity
I believed in one continent
We have fragmented
Created differences and broken hearts
Some are powerless and destitute
Some are powerful and wealthy
But we are all different parts of
One humanity
If one part is in pain
The whole body is suffering
If we tear that part out
Then we are crippled humanity
Let’s sooth
The injured part
And become one humanity

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Salma Arastu

Salma Arastu

My works are lyrical, spiritual, figurative, and calligraphic. My paintings reveal stories of unity in diversity, peace and joy, celebration of life, and women and dancing whirling dervishes. Whether in paintings or sculptures, the faceless figures in my work represent the universal oneness of all humanity. My calligraphic work attempts to celebrate the same message of universality spread through verses in Arabic calligraphy and in the poetry of Rumi. Read More

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