About Oneness Projects

Seeking Oneness has been my mission through all my life and my paintings, sculptures and poetry speak of human universality. We are experiencing life as separate energy forms, but participating energetically as one. We are not only one with each other, but one with the Earth, every living thing in it, and ultimately with the Divine Essence that we call God.

I believe in the story of creation of humanity as described in Al Quran:

Man is sent as God’s Vicegerent- a representative. God wanted Adam to go on the earth and praise Him, glorify Him and do righteous deeds so that he can return to Him.

Angels said why are you sending him there as he will create wars and kill innocents.

God said I am placing my image inside him. And I am teaching him names which no one knows. I am giving him wisdom and knowledge and choice. He is being created in best of molds…

Though Adam and his progeny did create corruption and wars on innocent as angels predicted but there have been spiritual visionaries too through the ages. This balance has survived this world and I hope to awaken that Divine light among humanity in these chaotic times to outweigh the evil and negative.

Oneness projects invite compassionate and spiritual in you and inspire you to create projects with art, music, dance or performances to share and spread the eternal love.

About the Artist

Salma Arastu (maiden name Kamlesh Hingorani) is painter, sculptor and poet from Berkeley California.

Born into the Hindu tradition in her native India, and embracing Islam later on, she has enjoyed the beauty of these two distinctive traditions first hand. At birth, she was given the life-defining challenge of a left hand without fingers. Through her belief in the unity of an all-encompassing God, she was able to transcend barriers of religion, culture, and the cultural perceptions of handicaps. She uses her life experiences and her pain to bridge the solidifying divisions between different faiths that are so prevalent in our culture today. Inspired by the imagery, sculpture and writings of her Indian heritage and Islamic spirituality, she explores the universality of humanity by creating paintings and sculptures that break down the barriers that divide us and promote harmony, peace and understanding.

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