Connected with All

As I hear about the riots
Burning humans and homes
I beg my community to forbear and be patient
Forgive and forget on one side
The other community rises like a devil
Killing hundreds and pushing them aside
I turn towards the other community
And beg them to look deep inside
Into the mirror of each heart
Find reflection of the “other”
To realize we are kith and kin
Progeny of the one soul
Whether we like or not like!
But my voice gets lost
I am standing in the middle of the criminal grounds
Connected with all
Killers and the killed alike…

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Salma Arastu

Salma Arastu

My works are lyrical, spiritual, figurative, and calligraphic. My paintings reveal stories of unity in diversity, peace and joy, celebration of life, and women and dancing whirling dervishes. Whether in paintings or sculptures, the faceless figures in my work represent the universal oneness of all humanity. My calligraphic work attempts to celebrate the same message of universality spread through verses in Arabic calligraphy and in the poetry of Rumi. Read More

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