So That You Know Each Other


We intend to connect with total strangers from different ethnicities, faith traditions, genders and age groups using Zoom virtual platform to know each other, listen to each other, and move towards the greater goal of accepting each other and forming true friendships.

Imagine, if the ideas and thoughts of this little group flourished and spread, modeling for our world how to love and respect each other, as we purposefully come together in celebration of the diversity that surrounds us. This is what our world needs – communities that focus on our common humanity rather than our superficial differences. As a beginning, I hope to achieve a greater understanding and empathy towards each other and further move on to help remove differences in our own intimate circles within our own communities.

Preferably we can start with a group of eight to ten members. We would meet twice each month and the entire program would last for four months. Each meeting is planned to be between 90 to 120 minutes in duration.

Here are sample quotes and feedback from our first Pilot Group Meeting

(June -September 2021)