Workshops & Webinars

I conducted a new collaborative Unity Mandala gathering in my Berkeley studio on 20th August 2022. We created the following Mandala


I have conducted six workshops in Berkeley and the East Bay area from 2017 to 2019.

First two held at my studio were very successful with five new participants each time. These were not necessarily artists but were visionaries who believed in my concept of unity and participated enthusiastically. Together we were able to finish three beautiful collaborative mandalas instead of two because of their joy and peace they felt through this collaboration.

Third workshop was held at Berkeley Art Center in 2018.

Next collaborative workshop was held at an Interfaith seminar at Badarikasharam, a Hindu temple in Hayward. It was an interesting experience as almost seven persons participated including the priest of the temple Mangalaji.

Two were held again in my Berkeley studio in early 2019. I have plans to go to some other community centers and work with different individuals to collaborate on unity mandalas as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted.

Collaborative Workshop

May, 2017

Collaborative Workshop

June, 2017